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Whether you are out to make a name for yourself in the EDM scene or you are just looking for quality new music, Weebang is the place to find everything you want.  Weebang Music is an artistic development service and community aimed at helping anyone who creates, plays, or simply lives for electronic music.  As a part of a global group of artists, engineers, and listeners, members gain access to a plethora of assistance with building themselves as a brand, special rates for top-tier mixing and mastering, free music, and the ability to meet and collaborate with others who are just as passionate about all things related to electronic music.    

Weebang offers two memberships that offer different services depending on your needs:

  • The Weebanger membership is for those who are passionate about electronic music and want to support the scene but aren’t looking for a career in music.
  • The Probanger membership is for producers and DJs who are looking for guidance, assistance and logistical support to making their dream of a career in music a reality.


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This is the stage where you can connect with others that will inspire you, cheer you on and grow with you.

Weebangers at 12PM PST Luca Pretolesi is hosting a "Fly on the Wall" LiveStream session. Free link to watch... http://t.co/88BoZL3nbu
about 2 days ago | @weebangmusic