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Weebang is the entry level artistic service division of European Music Market (EUMM), the premier hands-on music industry directional advisement conglomerate in the U.S. that provides artists with mixing, mastering and publishing services. With electronic music infiltrating more genres of music, Weebang was created by EUMM as a launchpad for anyone looking to start a career in the music industry. Weebang is membership-based artist management and consulting service that encompasses a community of electronic dance music enthusiasts who are provided with a la carte music management resources including brand development, digital marketing, studio training and mixing & mastering services.

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Weebang is a community for those who love electronic music and want to make a name for themselves in EDM.

Here you can:

  • Be a part of a driven, like-minded group of producers, DJs, and other electronic music lovers
  • Learn production techniques from world-class EDM producers so you can hone your skills
  • Receive special rates on mixing and mastering services from a Grammy nominated engineer
  • Find assistance in achieving a pro sound to shop your work to labels
  • Get help navigating the intricacies of the music industry: including marketing your services, copyright management and brand development so you can have a rewarding and lucrative career
  • Gain access to special rates for our approved contractors including photographers, writers, graphic and web designers, and more
  • Have your music released on over 30 online music stores

This is the stage where you can connect with others that will inspire you, cheer you on and grow with you.

Its been a great week, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Diplo and TJR all hung out at either our European Music Market or... http://t.co/LQkyPkiFGG
about 1 day ago | @weebangmusic